Traveling Options For Your Pet

As the owners of a loving Pet, we know all too well the hassle of trying to figure out what to do with our pet while we travel.

leaving your pet at home

Advantages :-

  • Your pet is in their familiar setting (especially good for cats)
  • There’s no danger of damaging other people’s things
  • Food, toys, yard, cage, etc. are already set up and your pet already knows the lay of the land
  • No other animals to compete or fight with
  • Your pets can eat the same foods as usual and can keep up with their daily routine
  • The people looking after your pets can also watch the house for you (taking in mail, cleaning walkways, turning on lights, etc.) to give the appearance that someone is home
  • You can just leave the keys and go


Disadvantages :-

  • Animals can get lonely if no one is around all day
  • There’s a greater danger of missed feedings or walks
  • There’s a greater chance of accidents on the floors
  • Animals will always be on the lookout for you, which could lead to stress in some animals
  • Unfamiliar care takers may get attacked when arriving – especially true with hamsters and turtles

Traditional Boarding :-

  • One standard option is placing pets in boarding kennels or catteries while you’re away. If this is your preferred choice, call ahead and arrange in advance and confirm that it has a Pet Care Services Association, On the flips side, dogs are pack animals and sociable, so ensure that they will have enough activity time to play and run with other dogs. Find qualified boarding facilities by searching  Boarding and Pet Services Association.


Pet Sitting :-

  • Many cats and dogs feel comfortable in their own environments, so having an experienced pet sitter come by for feedings, walks and playtimes is a solid option. so having an experienced pet sitter come by for feedings, walks and playtimes is a solid option. or have them stay in your homefor the duration of your trip.


Take your pet with you :-

  • Taking your pet with you may be a good option if you’re traveling by motorhome or car, or if you’re planning to stay in one place for a long time. Be careful with border requirements for pets entering a new country. Some countries, like England, have long quarantine periods for animals entering the country. Other countries are less strict, and only require proof of vaccinations and a certificate of good health from a veterinarian.


Leave them at a Kennel, Boarding Facility or Pet Hotel :-

  • A professional service should be knowledgeable about animals and how to take care of them. These services have the facilities and staff already equipped to take good care of your pet. However, your pet may be kept in a cage for longer than you’d like. That said, there are some wonderful boarding facilities out there. Make sure you check references and even consider leaving your pet for a short trial run. There are tons of dog boarding kennels in almost every large center however a lot of them also take cats and other pets.

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